7 Best Supporting Cast in the Netflix film “Laapata Ladies” Loved by Fans

May 15, 2024

He embraces the audience as the antagonist Pardeep, creating a strong presence with his acting. 

1. Bhaskar Jha

He brought innocence and charm to the role of Chhotu, showcasing his acting skills in the film.

2.Satyendra Soni

She delivered the strong character of Constable Bela Kumari, showcasing resilient personality. 

3.Kanupriya Rishimum

He acted as Constable Jaiprakash Dubey, adding a fun element along with Ravi Kishan in the movie.

4. Durgesh Kumar

He breathed life into the character of Bilas, Deepak’s loyal friend, adding humor to the narrative.

5.Samarth Mahor

She acted the role of Deepak’s mother, adding depth and realistic to the character.

6.Geeta Agrawal Sharma

She brought authenticity to the character of Manju Mai, leaving an impression with her performance.

7.Chhaya Kadam

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