Top 10 Beautiful Wives of Cricketers Playing in IPL 2024

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Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

The Indian Premier League IPL season of the year 2024 is making new records in almost every match. However, we always overlook the players’ supportive partners who reach the cricket grounds to watch their partners play in the World’s biggest cricket league. This blog is written to discuss the top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024.

The popularity of IPL this season is becoming a talk globally. Many fans across the globe are coming to experience the biggest cricket league in the world. Teams like Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bengaluru, and Sunrisers Hyderabad make their opponents run for wins. Besides the teams, the players are playing extraordinarily, developing new shots and skills in their playing manners. The fans are also reaching the cricket ground to support their favorite cricket players and so as the player’s family.

Players like Jasprit Bumrah, Dinesh Karthik, Rohit Sharma, and KL Rahul are playing tremendously in the IPL 2024 edition. With every shot they play and with every bowl they bowl, their better half are always there to cheer them up.

This brings us to discuss and celebrate the beautiful wives of cricketers in IPL who come all the way to support and watch their loved ones play.

1. Sanjana Ganesan

Sanjan Ganesan wife of Jasprit Bumrah

The first person on the list is Jasprit Bumrah’s wife, the vice-captain of the Mumbai Indians. Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan’s marriage date was March 15, 2021. The couple also have a lovely son named Angad. 

Talking about Sanjana Ganesan, she is a professional TV presenter and former model. She works for ICC. Sanjana Ganesan has hosted many world cups including the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, and ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2023.

She also competed as a finalist in the Femina Miss India competition. She has hosted the Indian Premier League, Badminton Premier League, Indian Super League, and a Kolkata Knight Riders-associated show called the ‘Knight Club’.

Post her pregnancy, Sanjana has taken a break from the digital media. However, she is active on social media and she supports her spouse Jasprit Bumrah in the IPL 2024 matches.

2. Camilla Miller

David Miller wife Camella Miller

Camilla Miller is the beautiful wife of David Miller. Camilla always cheers for her husband in the IPL. Besides being a couple, both share the spirit of sports as Camilla Miller is a professional polo player. She even works as an entrepreneur as well.|

In 2020, Camilla Miller (Harris) began her career with a remarkable organization focused on health, beauty, and wellness. Camilla Miller married David Miller on August 31, 2023 ever since, people have spotted the couple anytime they go out.

Camilla is a huge cricket fan, especially when it comes to the IPL. She visits and cheers for the Gujarat Titans, a team that David Miller plays for. No doubt, why she is one of the top 10 beautiful wives in IPL 2024.

3. Utkarsha Pawar

Wife of Ruturaj Gaikwad | Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

Utkarsha Pawar is the wife of this year’s IPL team Chennai Super Kings captain Ruturaj Gaikwad. Utkarsha Pawar also shares the same profession as her husband Ruturaj. Utkarsha represents Maharastra in the domestic circuit in cricket. She is an all-around right-handed player. 

Utkarsha is currently studying at the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) in Pune. Being a cricketer by herself, Utkarsha has never missed a Chennai Super Kings match since she began cheering for her husband Ruturaj Gaikwad.

The duo got married last year on June 3, 2023, in a pure traditional Maharashtrian wedding style.

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4. Alyssa Healy

Mitchell Starc wife Alyssa Healy

Alyssa Healy is the wife of Australian Pacer fast bowler Mitchell Starc.

Like Starc, Alyssa Healy is also a female cricketer representing Australia in international matches.

In addition to being a player, Alyssa Healy has led the most successful team in female cricket history as a captain. According to the reports, Alyssa Healy has won her team two ODI cricket World Cups (2013,2022) and six T20 World Cups (2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2020, 2023). 

Alyssa married Starc in April 2016. The duo met each other when they were 9. She is the daughter of Greg Healy, who was part of the Queensland squad. While her uncle Ian Healy had represented as Australia’s Test wicket-keeper.

Alyssa Healy very rarely comes to the IPL to cheer her husband Starc. However, in the recent match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders 2024, Alyssa was spotted watching her husband bowling. In the same match, Mitchell Starc took four wickets and made a comfortable win over MI.

5. Ritika Sajdeh

Rohit Sharma wife Ritika Sajdeh | Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

Ritika Sajdeh is the wife of five time IPL champion  Mumbai Indians Ex captain Rohit Sharma.

Ritika Sajdeh is considered one of the most beautiful wives compared with any other sportsperson’s better half. Ritika was a sports event manager.

She is reportedly the cousin sister of Bunty Sajdeh, CEO of Cornerstone Sport, a sports event management company. After dating for over six years, the couple decided to get married. They tied the knot on June 3, 2015. 

Ritika has never missed a Mumbai Indians match as she is always seen cheering and praying for her husband when he bats or when the team needs any luck.

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6. Jassym Lora

Andre Russell wife | Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

Jassym Lora is the wife of the IPL star Batsman Andre Russell. Jassym is a fashion influencer who tours her followers in various exotic places around the world.

Apart from her work, she watches IPL matches at the stadiums to cheer her husband. Following their marriage, the couple welcomed a beautiful daughter in January 2020.

Since then for every season, both mother and daughter have been seen cheering Russell in the IPL every year and supporting their side, the Kolkata Knight Riders.

7. Athiya Shetty

KL Rahul wife Athiya Shetty | Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

Athiya Shetty is next on the list of top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024. She is the wife of KL Rahul, the captain of the IPL franchise Lucknow Super Giants.

KL Rahul’s wife, Athiya Shetty is the daughter of actor Suniel Shetty.

She is also an actress by profession. She was last seen in the movie Motichoor Chaknachoor. The couple married last year on January 23rd, 2023.

Athiya Shetty has been seen several times cheering her husband KL Rahul on the cricket grounds. Even her father is a big fan of IPL. Sunil Shetty has also visited frequently to watch his son-in-law batting on a cricket ground.

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8. Dhanashree Verma

Dhanushree Verma Chahal | Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

The social media star and brilliant choreographer Dhanashree Verma, is the wife of Rajasthan Royals spin bowler Yuzvendra Chahal.

Dhanashree was married to Chahal on December 22, 2020.

Since then Dhanashree has been supporting her husband Chahal during every IPL season. Dhanashree has always been vocal about her relationship with Chahal which is why she is the talk of a town wife of an IPL star. With her calmness and ineffective nature make her on the list of the top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024.

The couple has a strong bond, although Dhanashree has received wrath on several occasions due to misinterpretation by the social media public.

9. Dipika Pallikal

Dipika Pillai wife of Dinesh Karthik

The next person on the list of the top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024 is Dipika Pallikal, the wife of great batsman Dinesh Karthik.

Dipika is a professional squash player and has represented India in international games. Despite Dipika was not much interested in cricket, she found herself attracted to Dinesh. 

The couple tied the knot in 2015. Dipika has also visited cricket stadiums to watch Dinesh Karthik play. They both have twin sons named Zian and Kabir.

The energy and talent of Dipika in her professional and personal life showcase why she is one of the most beautiful women and a down-to-earth wife.

Despite Dipika’s busy schedule, she always makes time for the IPL to be by her husband during the challenging month-long cricket league.

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10. Charulatha Samson

Charulatha Samson | Top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024

The last on the list of the top 10 beautiful wives of cricketers playing in IPL 2024 is Charulatha (Ramesh) Samson, the wife of Sanju Samson, the captain of the Rajasthan Royals. The duo married on December 22, 2018. Just like Sanju Samson, her wife Charulatha is also a very down-to-earth person.

Even though she is the wife of a famous Indian cricket player, she does not show it anywhere and chooses to stay away from the limelight of IPL.

However, with her immense love for Sanju Samson, she frequently posts on her social media. 

Besides the wife of a cricketer, Charulatha is an entrepreneur. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Mar Ivanios College and a post-graduation in Human Resources from Loyola College of Social Sciences. 

The above blog shares some exciting information about the top 10 most beautiful wives of cricketers in the IPL.

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FAQs About Beautiful Wives of Cricketers Playing in IPL 2024

  • Who is the wife of Sanju Samson?
    Charulatha (Remesh) Samson is the wife of Sanju Samson. They both married on December 22, 2018.
  • When did KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty marry?
    The couple married last year on January 23rd, 2023.
  • What is Dhanashree Verma’s age?
    Dhanashree Verma is 27 years old and is married to cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal.
  • Who is Andre Russell’s wife?
    Jassym Lora is the wife of Andre Russell. She is a fashion influencer.
  • What is Alyssa Healy husband’s name?
    Mitchell Starc is the husband of Alyssa Healy play for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2024.


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