Top 5 Bollywood Movies Based on Real-Life Events

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Top 5 Bollywood Movies Based on Real-Life Events

Bollywood, the active core of the Indian movie industry, has always paid its attention to presenting thought-provoking stories. It is for this reason that films which are based on real events are quite popular among the audience and can be found in a large number. These movies not only entertain but also teach the audiences and motivate them by showing glimpses of heroes, martyrs, and survivors. This is why we bring to our audience to recommend them the top 5 Bollywood movies based on real-life events

5 Exceptional Bollywood Movies Based on Real-Life Events

1. URI: The Surgical Strike (2019)

Plot and Background:

“URI: The Surgical Strike is a 2019 Bollywood-released action movie which is based on true events that happened in 2016 in which the Indian army attacked militant launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (Pok).

The strike was carried out due to the Uri terror attack involving the death of 19 soldiers of the Indian Army in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir.

Lead Actor: Vicky Kaushal

Director: Aditya Dhar

Why It’s Noteworthy:

The actual depiction of the military actions and the heavy build-up of the soldiers involved in the film make it a compelling movie to watch. Major Vihaan Singh Shergill portrayed by Vicky Kaushal was phenomenal and received huge appreciation for his spectacular act.

The movie is also hailed for its good technical work, including the fine and exciting action scenes in addition to the interesting story.

Key Scenes:

The Surgical Strike: The planning and execution of the surgical strike are explained with a lot of focus on how brave the Indian Army is.

Emotional Moments: The one thing that cannot be questioned in the movie is that the emotion of soldiers and their kin is fully depicted, enriching the story.


“URI: The Surgical Strike” was not only the blockbuster movie of its year, but also incited patriotism among the viewers.

The film’s dialogue – ‘How’s the Josh’ became a trend across the nation and to gauge that the film had indeed left a cultural impact.

The movie also helped the Indian youth become more interested in knowing about the military and their operations, making the movie even more important.

2. Airlift (2016)

Akshay Kumar in real life based movie

Plot and Background:

“Airlift” is the historical film released in 2016 that narrates the events of the 1990 evacuation of Indians in Kuwait during their invasion by Iraqis.

The movie revolves around the character of Ranjit Katyal, a man of Indian origin who is a businessman in Iraq and is the center of the rescue operation for 170,000 Indians trapped in Kuwait.

Lead Actor: Akshay Kumar

Director: Raja Krishna Menon

Why It’s Noteworthy:

“Airlift” tells the story of one of the biggest and the most successful evacuation processes in history, which the people of India refer to as the Dunkirk of the country.

Akshay Kumar, playing the character of Ranjit Katyal, does a splendid job of depicting a selfish man transforming into a hero under the circumstances. The film has a compelling story and touches every sensitive nerve, and that is why it is so interesting.

Key Scenes:

Evacuation Efforts: Indeed the movie draws out the practical difficulties and procedures of planning for the evacuation, which makes the movie genuine and engaging.

Personal Growth: It is a personal transformation story of Ranjit Katyal who is interested in gambling and initially shows no concern for the lives of others until he recognizes his responsibility.


The film was appreciated for its timely representation of the crisis and the way it made one feel or even provoked sentiments.

It also showed the strengths of India and the humanitarian side which it had in the international arena, thus showcasing some aspects of history which many may not know.

Overall, “Airlift” successfully conveyed the message of oneness and strength against all odds in an impacting manner to its viewers.

3. Neerja (2016)

Sonam Kapoor in real life based movie

Plot and Background:

“Neerja” is next on the list of the top 5 Bollywood movies based on real life events which was released in the year 2016.

It is a biographical thriller movie revolving around the life of Neerja Bhanot, a flight attendant who tragically lost her life while rescuing the passengers of Pan-Am flight 73, which was hijacked by terrorists in the year 1986. The film traces her behavior and cool-headedness in the face of adversity.

Lead Actor: Sonam Kapoor

Director: Ram Madhvani

Why It’s Noteworthy:

”Neerja” would remain memorable for its strong emotional feel and the real life drama of a young woman. I loved how Sonam Kapoor portrayed Neerja Bhanot where she was depicted as a heroine in a true sense.

Considering that the film’s plot stresses people’s spirit and ability to make sacrifices, one can observe that the film is very emotional.

Key Scenes:

Hijacking Sequence: The events that occur during the hijacking are as realistic as they come and this makes these scenes rather intense.

Neerja’s Heroism: How Neerja risked her own life to save the passengers has been depicted with a lot of feeling, perhaps portraying this brave girl’s grit.


The film was well appreciated and has won many awards including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

It also helped deduce a chapter of Indian history to Neerja Bhanot and her heroic deeds which deserve to be remembered across the country and beyond.

This movie not only pays tribute to Neerja but also teaches people how courageous and selfless they need to be in order to become inspirations for many others and love for their country.

4. Kesari (2019)


Plot and Background:

”Kesari” is a historical action drama film released in 2019 which portrays the events of the Battle of Saragarhi wherein 21 Sikh soldiers of the British Indian Army fought against over 10000 Afghan tribesmen in 1897. That is why the movie shows what amounts to the heroic actions of those soldiers and their leader, Havildar Ishar Singh.

Lead Actor: Akshay Kumar

Director: Anurag Singh

Why It’s Noteworthy:

”Kesari” is known as a movie full of excellently directed battle sequences and the spirit to fight against the bad people.

Akshay Kumar takes the role of Havildar Ishar Singh and delivers a one-man heroic and emotionally charged performance.

The exciting narrative coupled with great cinematography and background score presents this historical occurrence in a manner that leaves an indelible mark on those who watch the film.

Key Scenes:

Battle Scenes: The sequences depicting the fight in the film are exciting and the audience gets a real sense of the spirit of the Sikh troops.

Leadership Moments: Heroism and inspirational speeches made by Havildar Ishar Singh are some of the strong moments in the film, describing the hero’s character and determination.


The film received positive reviews and was a major success at the box-office.

It also helped many people understand the events of the Battle of Saragarhi that is not as famous as other wars but holds its place in the history of the Indian Army and made people recognize the Bravery of Indian soldiers.

Kesari is a worthwhile reminder of the values of courage and honor to continue with the fight in extremely difficult conditions.

5. Super 30 (2019)

Hrithik Roshan inspiring movie Super 30

Plot and Background:

“Super 30” is one of the most important recommendations in the top 5 Bollywood movies based on real-life events because of its inspirational personality which helped many poor students across India.

A biographical drama movie released in the year 2019 based on the life of an IIT faculty Anand Kumar, who established Super 30 to train underprivileged students in the Indian IIT level competitive examination.

The movie brings to life his ordeal and success stories of assisting these students to maintain their dreams.

Lead Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Director: Vikas Bahl

Why It’s Noteworthy:

”Super 30” is a real-life story of hard work, struggle, and the magic of education. Hrithik Roshan has done a credible job in portraying Anand Kumar with the sincerity and sensitivity of a man committed to a mission.

The given film is suitable and inspiring as it relates to social issues and underscores the role of education.

Key Scenes:

Classroom Sessions: The moments in which Anand Kumar teaches and encourages his students are well-inspiring and emotive about the importance of education.

Struggles and Triumphs: The film also does not sugarcoat Anand’s struggles, be it financial issues or social circumstances, to make his accomplishments anything less than inspiring.


The movie was a commercial success and was well-reviewed for its theme and great performances.

This drew national spotlight to Anand Kumar’s efforts and education inequalities in India, for underprivileged children in India.

‘Super 30’ has triggered many people to understand the importance of education and the changes it brings to a person and society.


The above blog is based on the top 5 Bollywood movies based on real-life events and their takeaways if you are planning to watch a movie on your movie date.

The Bollywood film industry has a special characteristic of presenting real-life events both informative and entertaining in the theaters.

Films like “URI: The movies like “The Surgical Strike”, “Airlift”, “Neerja”, “Kesari” and “Super 30” not only tell these stories but also bring out the characters in them, which are inspiring stories and great performances.

All of these movies have a similar message of courage, personal loss, and the strength of a human character during extraordinary circumstances.

Whether people want to watch action movies, war films, suspense films, history and biographical films or any other types of films, these films fall into each of these categories, making it mandatory for every Bollywood lover to watch these films.

The stories they narrate are not only of the heroism of a person but of the togetherness of society, or humanity to be precise, something that can be very inspiring and enlightening, especially in the current society.

Well, get your popcorn, sit back, and be enthralled by these motivating and exciting true stories behind Indian films.

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We appreciate your understanding and trust in our platform. Our goal is to continue providing valuable content from the entertainment domain with a way to create a difference in human kind.

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FAQs about Bollywood movies based on real events

1. What are some popular Bollywood movies based on true stories?

The article mentions several trending movies including:

  • URI: The Surgical Strike (2019) – Based on the 2016 Indian surgical strikes in Kashmir
  • Airlift (2016) – The story of the Indian evacuation of Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion
  • Neerja (2016) – The biographical thriller about flight attendant Neerja Bhanot’s heroism during a hijacking
  • Kesari (2019) – The historical action depicting the Battle of Saragarhi fought by Sikh soldiers
  • Super 30 (2019) – The inspiring story of Anand Kumar who helps underprivileged students enter India’s IIT

2. What other Bollywood movies based on real-life events are there?

Beyond the movies mentioned in the article, here are a few other examples:

  • Hotel Mumbai (2018) – The 2008 Mumbai terror attacks
  • Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019) – The warrior queen Rani Lakshmibai
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) – The life of Indian athlete Milkha Singh

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