Top 10 Movies Of Gajraj Rao You Should Not Miss

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Top 10 movies of Gajraj rao

Gajraj Rao is an Indian actor who appears predominantly in Hindi films. This blog is about the top 10 movies of Gajraj Rao as an actor.

He is widely known for his performance in the comedy-drama film Badhaai Ho, for which he won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor. 

He debuted in 1994 with a minor role in Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen and has since worked in many films and web series. Rao is known for his leading role in Badhaai Ho and supporting roles in movies like Talvar, Blackmail and web series like TVF’s F.A.T.H.E.R.S. and Tech Conversations with Dad. Sometimes highly talented people do not get instant success and end up struggling and working hard until they get more recognition. Gajraj Rao, an actor, and a theater artist, is like one of those who gave their enormous years to acting but got their recognition after delivering several masterpieces as an actor. 

Talking about his biography, Gajraj Rao was born in 1971, in Dunganpur, Rajasthan. He’s married to Sanjana Rao and has two sons. Gajraj Rao’s father was a railway employee. After schooling, he joined the theater group along with his contemporaries, such as Manoj Vajpayee, and Ashish Vidhyarthi. The blog is all about the top ten 10 movies of Gajraj Rao you should not miss it.

Best Movies of Gajraj Rao You Should Not Miss.

“Success Beyond Struggle: The Inspiring Journey of Gajraj Rao in Bollywood Gajraj Rao, a talented actor and dedicated theater artist, represents the tale of persistence and hard work leading to profound recognition. His path to success was defined by unwavering dedication, resulting in remarkable performances that garnered acclaim. 

A small middle-class boy born in 1971 in Dunganpur, Rajasthan, Gajraj Rao’s journey to stardom is one of determination. Married to Sanjana Rao and a father of two sons, Gajraj Rao hails from humble beginnings. 

His father’s occupation in the railroad industry shaped his early life. 

Following his schooling, Rao started his cinematic venture, alongside stars like Manoj Vajpayee and Ashish Vidhyarthi. In his span-long acting career, Gajraj Rao has acted and given several powerful performances in movies that have received massive appreciation from the audience and made him recognized as one of the most talented actors in Bollywood. 

Here is the list of the top ten movies of Gajraj Rao you should not miss. Explore his hit films and Gajraj Rao’s standout role in our blog.

1. Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho movie poster

Gajraj Rao’s exceptional acting prowess is a testament to his journey from struggle to success.” Gajraj Rao’s Breakthrough: The Success of “Badhaai Ho” Gajraj Rao, widely recognized for his role in the hit movie “Badhaai Ho” (2018), experienced a turning point in his acting journey. Starring alongside Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra, Gajraj portrayed the character of Jeetendra Kaushik, an older father who unexpectedly becomes a parent once more, with two grown sons. This heartwarming film not only marked a pivotal moment for Gajraj Rao’s career but also solidified his position as a successful commercial actor. 

His compelling portrayal was met with enthusiastic acclaim from audiences, leading to a well-deserved Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor. This recognition propelled Gajraj Rao into the spotlight and opened doors for him to excel in similar roles in subsequent movies. 

“Out of whatever roles and work I have got in my acting career, my role in Badhaai Ho is the most important for me. It was unbelievable for me that someone could offer me such a role. It was like a dream,” Gajraj mentioned.

2. Shubh Magal Zyada Savdhaan

Gajraj rao movie poster

The next top movie of Gajraj Rao is Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan. Reuniting with his on-screen partner Neena Gupta, just like in the superhit movie ‘Badhaai Ho’, his portrayal was a hit. Balancing a strict father’s role with humorous jokes, he charmed viewers with his acting skills. 

The film was released on February 21, 2020, and grossed 83 crores at the box office, cementing its superhit status. His exceptional acting in the movie was recognized as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role (male).

3. Satya Prem Ki Katha

team satyaprem ki katha

“Among his top films, the recent blockbuster ‘Satya Prem Ki Katha,’ featuring Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani, stands out. Gajraj Rao portrayed the role of a supportive Gujarati father and a close friend to Kartik Aaryan’s character, ‘Satyaprem.’ 

The film achieved remarkable success at the box office, receiving widespread acclaim for Gajraj Rao’s compelling performance. According to reports, the movie garnered a total global collection of Rs.117.65 crore The movie was released on June 29, 2023, and became one of the highest collections for a movie of Gajraj Rao’s career.

4. Talvar

Gajraj rao in talvar movie

In the highly successful and acclaimed movie ‘Talvar,’ Gajraj Rao shines as he portrays a corrupt police officer involved in investigating a crime. Directed by Meghna Gulzar, this film marks Gajraj Rao’s impactful contribution. 

His performance garnered significant praise from both Bollywood insiders and audiences. Notably, his interactions with the late Irrfan Khan offered invaluable learning experiences and left a lasting impact on him. 

In a candid chat with the Indian Express, Gajraj Rao opened up about his enriching collaboration with global star Irrfan Khan. He mentioned, “Wo pehla din tha mera shoot ka, film city mein set laga hua tha hamara. Main Irrfan se usse pehle mila hua tha, par unke sath kabhi act nahi kiya tha. Maine unka ek natak dekha hua tha jab wo NSD mein the, and unnka sara kaam dekha hua tha, Salaam Bombay se lekar jab tak wo the. Main hamesha sochta tha ‘arey yaar kya kamaal hai ye aadmi’ aur apna signature unhone ek create kar liya tha”.

‘Talvar’ resonated well with movie lovers. Despite its budget being under 20 crore, the film managed to collect a worldwide box office collection of 47 crore.


5. Thai Massage

Thai Massage Gajraj rao

Gajraj Rao’s another super enjoyable movie, “Thai Massage’’ starring Divyendu Sharma and himself as the lead and directed by the three-time National Award winner, Mangesh Hadawale, was full of comedy. Gajraj Rao’s role as Aatmaram Dubey, a widower from Ujjain, received an optimal reaction from the audience. 

He delivered plenty of laugh-out-loud moments alongside his co-stars. 

The movie was a flop at the box office which was released on November 11, 2022, last year. But, one can surely not miss his performance, and you can watch the movie on Netflix. The movie is a clean comedy that will definitely make you smile at some points.

6. Lootcase

gajraj rao lootcase movie poster

Gajraj Rao shines once again in the comedy film ‘Lootcase’ where he brilliantly portrays the role of MLA Patil, a top-notch politician. The movie stars Kunal Khemmu and Rasika Dugal in lead roles, with Gajraj Rao’s depiction of a corrupt politician providing a striking dose of reality. 

This dark comedy is a must-watch, available for streaming on Disney+Hotstar. The film also features talented actors Vijay Raaz and Ranveer Shorey in supporting roles. You won’t want to miss this entertaining treat.

7. Bandit Queen

gajraj rao in bandit queen

The film ‘Bandit Queen’ directed by the renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, stands as one of the most acclaimed movies ever. Released in 1994, it marked Gajraj Rao’s debut as an actor with a small yet impactful role. 

This movie received immense appreciation and numerous awards, becoming a cult classic in Indian cinema. It was a defining moment for Gajraj Rao’s acting career, showcasing his talent. ‘Bandit Queen’ not only earned critical acclaim but also played a pivotal role in shaping Gajraj Rao’s journey as an actor.

As a fan of cinema and Gajraj Rao’s acting, one can definitely watch the movie and know the depth of the movie.

8. Black Friday

Blackfriday gajraj rao scene

 “Black Friday” is a gripping crime thriller film, both written and directed by the talented Anurag Kashyap. In the movie, Gajraj Rao portrays the character Dawood Phanse, a key conspirator in the 1993 Bombay bomb blasts. 

Fun fact about Gajraj Rao: The irony is that, according to reports, the last time Gajraj Rao appeared on a film poster before Badhaai Hoo was in the film Black Friday. The movie gained widespread acclaim on a global scale.

It showcased exceptional performances from actors like Kay Kay Menon, Murali Sharma, and Zakhir Hussain. Their outstanding acting contributed to the film’s success and resonated with audiences. 

Apart from several roles of Gajraj Rao, Black Friday is one of the best works an actor has delivered for his audience. If you are a genuine fan of Gajraj Rao, this movie has the capability to move you with his acting.

9. Made In China

Made in China poster gajraj rao

This movie was released in the year 2019 and featured experienced senior actors like Boman Irani, Paresh Rawal, and Gajraj Rao. 

While the main actors, Rajkumar Rao and Mouni Roy struggled, the strong performances of the supporting cast, especially Gajraj Rao, Paresh Rawal, and Boman Irani, carried the film to success. The movie was only able to collect 12.81 crore at the box office.

10. Maja Ma

Maja ma

In the Amazon movie, starring Madhuri Dixit alongside Gajraj Rao in the role of her husband, Gajraj Rao portrays the classic father figure named Manohar Patel. He’s the kind of dad you instantly recognize – firm in his beliefs yet willing to adapt for his family’s happiness. 

With a mix of authority and warmth, he knows when to stand his ground and when to offer a comforting embrace or a cheerful dad joke. He deeply loves his wife, supports his daughter unwaveringly, and takes pride in his son’s growth. This heartwarming portrayal captures the essence of a caring and loving father.

Gajraj Rao also shared his experience of working with the actress Madhuri Dixit. 

In an interview to one of the popular media he mentioned “When Anand (Tiwari) called me and told me about the film. It was during COVID-19 time and I was scared if I should do it or not. Then, he told me that Madhuri Dixit is also a part of it. So I said ‘Ok.’ Later, I thought there will be a part, then he told me that I am playing the role of Madhuri’s husband and I said ‘Fantastic.’ But for a week there was no communication, and I felt that something was wrong, so I told (Anand) Tiwari: ‘I’ll change my name to Anil Kapoor but I want to play the role.’ Then, of course, the script happened, but it was like a dream. Matlab ki aisa ho sakta hai, ki mujhe screen share karneka mauka milega is tarike se”.

The above list are the top 10 movies of Gajraj Rao you should not miss.


Gajraj Rao is an Indian actor who appears predominantly in Hindi films. He is widely known for his performance in the comedy-drama film Badhaai Ho, for which he won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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